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Facing Up To Challenges In The Legal Profession

Day 1 – 29th November 2013

Morning session :

8.00- 8.45 – Registration

8.45- 9.00 – Opening remarks – Urmila Boolell

9.00 – 9.45 – Keynote Address – Maura  McGowan QC

09:45- 10.00 – Coffee break (seated)


10:00 – 10:15 – DVD Message - Christiane Féral-Schuhl, bâtonnier du barreau de Paris

10.15 – 11.00- Tribute - Stalwarts of the profession

11.00- 12.15 – Plenary session 1 – Access to Justice

12.30 – 14.00 – Lunch


Afternoon session :

14.00 – 15.00 – – Plenary session 2 – ‘’Interworkings’’ within the profession

15.00 – 15.30 – Coffee  break


15.30 – 17.00 Specialist sessions 1-3

19.15 pm onwards – Bar Annual Dinner



Day 2 – 30th November 2013

Morning session :

8.30- 9.00 – Registration

9.00- 10.30 – Plenary session 3 –International aspects of legal practice

10.30- 11.00 – coffee break


 11.00- 12.30  Specialist sessions  4-6

12.30 – 13.30 – Lunch


Afternoon session :


13.30- 14.45 – Specialist sessions 7-8

14.45- 15.30 – Plenary session 4 – Challenges within the profession

15.30 – 16.30 - Rapporteurs reports and closing remarks

16.30 - Coffee


Session title


Moderator / chair






Stalwarts of the profession:

- Sir Rampersad Neerunjun QC

- Sir Gaetan Duval QC


Anil Gayan SC

Jacques Panglose


Plenary session 1

Access to Justice

- Responding to the stakeholders expectations in the delivery of  justice

- ensuring to adherence of ethics at the criminal bar

- delay as a bar to access to justice




Sanjay Bhuckory SC



Keir Starmer QC

Satyajit Boolell SC

Touria Prayag



Zaynah Essop


Plenary session 2

‘Interworkings’ within the profession

Analysing the relationship amongst the stakeholders within the profession and addressing areas of concern and looking at means of improving communication etc


Patrice de Speville SC



Angelique Desvaux

Danielle Lagesse SA

Virginie Corneillet

Ashwin Dwarka



K. Teck Young


Plenary session 3

 International aspects of legal practice

Looking at the evolution of legal practice in other jurisdictions and assessing our comparative  organisation and competitiveness- Is the concept of law firms succeeding in Mauritius ?

- How do Mauritian rate on the International scene?

- Benchmarking ourselves to other jurisdictions

- Foreign lawyers and law firms in Mauritius

- Networks and international alliances

-Structural organisation of the law firm, skills, professionalism and transfer of knowhow from overseas

- Mauritian law firms and Africa

- Shareholding of law firms by non lawyers

- Transferability of shares in law firms (listed law firms)




Marc Hein



Iqbal Rajaballee SC

Raj Makoond

Steven Scali



Priscilla Pathoo


Plenary session 4

Challenges within the profession

(the internal approach – the organisation of the lawyers, how do we ensure that we have space for all the prospective entrants and opportunities within the ’out of court´ organisations)


Herve Duval



Antoine Domingue SC

Renu Audit

Yves Hein






Specialist session 1

Public law

- Constitutional law: Our constitution 45 years later: scope for reform

-Administrative law: Codified Judicial Review through the Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review )Act 1977 [Australia] : Kangaroo Court or successful experiment?

- Human rights: SPEAK on International Human Rights Advocacy



Session Chair

Aruna Narain



Justice Caunhye

Roger de Robillard

Priscilla Balgobin




D Bissessur



Specialist session 2

Commercial law

Structuring Investment and Private Client Wealth Management Through Mauritius

Session Chair:

Rishi Pursem SC



Gilbert Noel

Jason Harel

Muhammad Uteem






Specialist session 3

 Civil law

(including all aspects of civil procedure, enforcement and execution issues etc) 


Session Chair:

Anwar Moollan  



Herve Duval

Andre Robert




Specialist Session 4

Criminal law

-The role of the Prosecutor in upholding the Rule of Law


- White collar crime is not a victimless crime


-Ethical conduct for barristers: representing your client – what are the boundaries?


Victims of crime: what are their rights?


Session Chair:

Satyajit Boolell SC


Speakers :

Keir Starmer QC


Rashid Ahmine

Rex Stephen



V. Ramaya


Specialist session 5


Mediation, Conciliation , Arbitration: Danger or Opportunity?

$1-          Mediation and conciliation

$1-          Permanent Court of Arbitration

$1-          Conciliation in commercial disputes

$1-          Advocacy in arbitration

Session Chair:

Duncan Bagshaw



Justice Chong

Fedelma Smith

R Mardemootoo

Jamsheed Peeroo




Specialist session 6

Gender issues

1. Gender bias in the family justice system- [ Focus to be on gender bias in divorce  cases, custody cases and cases of child/ spousal support]

2. Gender bias in the criminal justice system-[Focus to be on gender bias in cases of domestic violence, rape, prostitution and other sexual offences]

3. Gender bias in the court system [Focus to be on  access to justice, court room  environment, legal education and gender bias in usage of language]

Session Chair:

Pramilla Patten



Maura McGowan QC

M. Lourdes Lam Hung

Johan Moutou-Leckning

Justice HajeeAbdoula




Specialist session7

Taxation and financial

- importance of the financial services sector to the economy

-role of lawyers in the financial services sector

-legal framework of the sector

-Mauritius in the international financial community

-Mauritius as a tax treaty jurisdiction

- importance of tax treaties

- role of vehicles used in international tax structuring

- importance of tax informational exchange


Session Chair:

Rajesh Ramloll



Assad Abulatiff*

Steven Scali



N. Muneesamy


Specialist Session 8

Legal literacy

(mentoring and awareness issues concerning the workings and pitfalls of the legal system and the administration of justice) 

Session Chair:

Eric Ribot SC




Navin Dookhit