Continuous Professional Development

The Mauritius Bar Association is devoted to the enhancement and development of its members. As such, the Mauritius Bar Association fully supports and endorse the recent establishment of the Institute of Legal and Judicial Studies which has for objectives to promote proficiency and ensure the maintenance of standards in the Judiciary, among law practitioners and legal officers, and generally in the delivery of Court services; to foster continuing judicial and legal education, to  promote international exchanges and co-operation with other jurisdictions in the field of judicial and legal studies, to promote transparency and consistency in the sentencing process, the award of civil damages, by making recommendations to the Chief Justice for the issue of guidelines.

In line with those objectives, the Law Practitioners (Amendment) Act 2011 provides for a mandatory Continuing Professional Development Program (CPD) for every law practitioner and legal officer. This ensures that members of the Mauritian Bar are kept up to date and are conversant with the latest cutting edge information and know-how of their profession, furthering their professional growth as members of the bar and using such new knowledge in their professional life, thereby reflecting such benefit on their client, and enhancing the development of the Mauritius Bar and the provision of legal services as a whole.

Lectures and practical exercises are delivered by high caliber members of the Mauritius Bar, as well as practitioners from other jurisdictions, offering first class information on current topics in the legal world.

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